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It takes a lot of time and energy to properly set-up a medical practice. A physician may have to spend weeks or even months researching, collecting documentation, managing paper flow, gathering data, interviewing job candidates and attending meetings. It can be an endless stream of paperwork and procedures. 

We know that your time is money and we know how to quickly navigate this process while you can see patients and concentrate on practicing medicine.

Furthermore, by working with us you will save additional money:
  Free hardware and software (as part of the service)
  Better rates through larger buying network
  Best of breed system suited for YOUR office

Whether you are just starting your office or separating from an established group, here are some of the issues you will need to think about before you can begin to see patients:

Do you have all the right licenses and professional credentials? We can help with:
  State Medical License
  NPDB Queries
  FSMB Queries
  DEA Applications
  Curriculum Vitae
  State CSR Applications

Are you enrolled in all relevant payer networks and do you have contracts with them? We can help you with managed care contracting and network enrollment
  Payer enrollment
  Payer Contracting

Where will you practice and how will you set up your practice? We can help with:
  Site selection and marketing
  Patient base migration
  Lease/ property management negotiations
  New facility set-up (hardware and software)
  Legal advice 

Do you have the right medical and administrative staff? We can help with:
  Temporary staffing for administrative and medical staff
  Recruiting and training
  Benefits management 

How will you get paid for your services? We help with medical billing and receivables management
  Medical scheduling hardware/software
  Medical billing hardware/software
  All collections and AR management 
  Fee schedule reviews
  Coding and documentation reviews
  HIPAA/OIG compliance

How will you manage your practice? We provide comprehensive practice financial reporting using relational databases
  Income Reporting Tailored To Your Practice - These reports measure each event in the claims lifecycle, allowing you to understand exactly what is happening and how to improve your operation
  Denial Reporting- We identify and prioritize your denials, allowing your most financially significant problems to be addressed quickly.
  Allowable Reporting - Are you being paid correctly? Find where payers are making mistakes or are inconsistent.
  Response Reporting - Are payers losing your claims or failing to respond?
  Code Reporting - Are your physicians coding consistently? Review coding practices and get higher reimbursement through consistent coding.  Providing reports to assess how compliant your coding is.
  Referral Reporting - Are your referral sources sending you profitable cases?
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